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7 Tips For the Graduating Class of 2012
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring is on the verge of transitioning into the summer season and this means graduations galore. This year's graduating class is faced with a much different, and more competitive, job market to work their way into than previous classes.

This shouldn't and doesn't have to put a damper on this joyous celebration. While grads may have entered college during one economic climate and exited with a less favorable one, the job market is an ongoing, fluctuating cycle. 

In order to make a place of their own in it, job seekers must be able to adjust their approaches accordingly. The following tips will help grads in their job searches so as not to succumb to challenges in the new world of employment.

1) Pursue With Perspective

A typical college grad job search is challenging and sometimes lengthy. College grads tend to apply at the same time--right after graduation--that there are much more applicants than available positions.

Grads usually have to wait months before getting a job, and these are the lucky ones. This is just how it works. Every grad's journey is different, just make sure not to lose sight of your own.

2) Impress With Your Identity

The college experience teaches people a lot about themselves. A college campus is a hub of diverse cultures and backgrounds that encourages people to speak their minds and let their inner colors show. Once grads get into the "real world" they often forget that they were a person and turn into a corporate robot.

The job market does have more traditional guidelines, to a point, but it also stresses that people show off their individuality. Even in resumes, the one that stands out gets a call back.

3) Put Aside Pickiness

Landing a job after college means keeping an open mind. Even though you may have gotten a degree in one area of study, that doesn't rule out pursuing careers in others. A degree is an advantage meant to open up more opportunites, not limit them.

Picking and choosing where to apply based on your first choice preferences is going to draw out your job search even longer. Your first job after graduation should give you a leg up in starting your career so you can't expect to land you the exact spot you want to be in ten years from now.

4) Have Fun

You don't have to take yourself too seriously. The thing that many companies like about bringing aboard a college graduate is the vivacity that they bring to liven up the team.

Professionals who have been in working in their positions for a long time are used to doing things a particular way after so many years. A college grads refreshes a work environment. You should be serious in your job search but that doesn't mean you have to take yourself too seriously.

5) Success Isn't Spelled in Dollar Signs

Remember that there are innumberable ways to measure success. A careers spent paper chasing isn't going to amount to much of a career. Some people believe that pursuing a career based on interests rather than popularity isn't a wise choice.

But no matter which direction a person decides to go in, anyone can become successful if they are passionate about what they do. The two important things to have in any career is drive and commitment.

6) Life Is a Learning Process

Graduation might mean the end of classes but you should never stop learning. The beginning of your career is when you're put to the real test. This is a transitioning point in your life where you're learning new, practical skills that will build the foundation of your career. Take each learning experience as another opportunity seized .

7) Deter Debt

Most college grads have student loan repayments to make. Even with the six-month grace period some grads still have insufficient income when repayment time comes around. Debt is a college grad's worst nightmare as it can take years upon years to finally get out of.

It's impertinent to avoid it at all costs by not spending money you don't have to spare. In fact, forget the word "spare" altogether. Any money you have should be allocated to the essentials. You never know when your finances might catch up to you all at once.

Whether you have outstanding balances or not, something will come along that HAS to be paid for and it's better to be prepared for it. Once you get that job you've worked long and hard for is when you can start reaping in the rewards.
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