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Tricks Jobs Interviewers Use: Are You Falling For Them?
Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We sharpened our test-taking skills as students and we later find out whether they paid off as job seekers. Interviews are a test of your compatibility with the company and of your qualifications for the position. Like many tests, interviews can be peppered with trick questions and tactics to keep you on you feet.

Interviewers who have been doing their job for a long time have seen it all. The way they spot a winner is in both your response and your ability to tackle whatever comes your way.

If you've ever been thrown off in an interview, chances are it wasn't by accident. Here are some other things to look out for that can trip you up if you're unprepared.

1) Being super friendly.

People who are overly friendly can seem insincere like they're putting on a show. While this can make you even more uneasy, many interviewers do this to actually make you less nervous. They want to make you more comfortable not because they care so much about your feelings, rather they want you speak freely and reveal more about yourself. Of course, you should still be able to feel comfortable in the interview, just be aware of slipping up by saying more than you should.

2) Keeping silent.

This approach probably will but isn't entirely meant to make you nervous. Interviewers want to get inside your head and one way they do that is by letting you lead the way. By being silent after giving an answer, they want to see whether you'll continue talking. Nervousness usually causes an interviewee to fill the silence and perhaps say more than necessary.

The best way to handle if put in this position is to ride the silence out. If you feel like you've adequately answered the question, then don't bother going on. Interviewers will pick it up from there for time's sake and if they don't, simply ask whether you answered their question.

3) Asking about your knowledge of the company.

This question isn't so much of a trick as it is to gauge how much homework you did to prepare for the interview. Every interviewer wants to see that you took the time and initiateve to learn about the company beforehand. To them, it looks silly for someone to apply and interview at a company they know nothing about and don't care to know.

4) Asking about your reason for leaving your last employer.

What you reveal in your answer will tell an interviewer a lot. It looks extremely bad on your part to be someone who badmouth people or companies. Be honest, but also respectful.

5) Giving you one-on-one time with the receptionist.

Why anyone wouldn't want to make a good impression on everyone they meet when going to an interview is unfathomable. And yet, there are those who let their guards down when talking to reception and are still scratching their heads as to why they didn't get hired.

Saying anything less than professional to a receptionist will make its way back to the interviewer and eliminate your chances for employment. The feedback interviewers get from receptionists will definitely contribute to their ultimate decision.

6) Asking when you can start.

Interviewers like to see a willingness to begin as soon as possible. What they don't like is hearing someone ready to ditch their current employer to jump on board. Companies want people who won't just look out for themselves. With any employer, a two-week notice is a must.

7) Wanting to know your dream career.

Answers that are completely unrelated to the position will indicate to the interviewer that your passions lie elsewhere. This will lead them to doubt your commitment to the company and whether you are the best-suited for it.

8) Asking for your thoughts.

Wanting to know your opinion isn't really a trick. But the types of question you ask also reveal a lot about the type of thinker you are and what your main interests are. Are asking questions related to benefits and compensation or about the actual job duties? Asking questions regarding the company's culture and background show sincere interest.
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